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Chant Resources

Chant Archive
Chants and Songs
Chants We Sing
Fire Circle Chants
Fire Tribe Chants
Gaia's Oasis Chants
Metta Ben's Rainbow Chant Collective


The Art of Transformation: Around the Fire
Magic Circles
The Magic of the Firecircle
Fire Circle Rap
Musings On a Way of the Drum
Myth*ing Links
The Re-Sourcery: A Library of Possibilities New
The Tree, The Drum, and the River
Why You Deserve an Ordeal

Music and Art

Circle, Skin and Bone
Dundun Practice Patterns
Frame Drum Skill Builder
Middle Eastern Rhythms
Sacred Sounds
West African Rhythms

Fire Circle Gatherings

AHO - Advanced Hang Out (MA)
Earth Drum Council Weekend (MA)
Earthfire (Australia)
Gaia Fire (CA)
FireLight Gathering (Eastern US) New
Fires Rising (PA)
Forestdance (USA, Costa Rica)
MayFire (NV)
Phoenix Fire (CA)
Rites of Spring (MA)
SpiritFire Festival (NY)

... also see Friends of the Fire below for more gatherings!

Friends of the Fire


Ka Palina (Hawaii Burning Man)
Hawaii Health Guide
Sacred Arts Circle (Oahu)
Universal Festival Calendar

Mainland USA

Animated Humans (Arizona)
Bay Area Spark Collective (Berkeley, CA)
Earth Drum Council (Boston)
Oracle Gatherings (Pacific NW US)
The Rhythm Tree (Las Vegas)
Sekhmet Temple (Nevada)
Vegas Vortex (Las Vegas)

No Particular Location

Start Your Own Sacred Arts Circle

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